KENSENCE Hybrid Matrix Helps Tianjin Public Security System to contribute to the safety and stability of “Jinmen”

2017-09-02 15:38:44 admin 75

These days, with the 13th National Games held in Tianjin, the pearl of Tianjin, the Pearl of the Bohai Bay, has a sense of presence in the eyes of the people of the country. It also shows that this place has an important position in the modern history of China. The new look of the city. KENSENCE Video Mixing Matrix has provided a safe and reliable video signal matrix switching system for Tianjin Public Security System in the past two years. KENSENCE S-Mix series video mixing matrix has been in the online inspection center of the Municipal Bureau of Supervision, Hebei Public Security Bureau, High-tech Zone Public Security Bureau, Beichen District Public Security Bureau, and Binhai Public Security Bureau. From the beginning of this year to the present, it has accelerated the pace of providing more functional S-Mix-PRO series video mixing matrix for the Dongli District Public Security Bureau of the Tianjin Public Security System, the Xiqing District Public Security Bureau, the Hedong District Public Security Bureau, and the Heping District Public Security Bureau. system. KENSENCE Hybrid Matrix System handles the stability and high efficiency of video signals, and has been well received by users, contributing to the safety and stability of Jinmen.

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KENSENCE S-Mix-PRO series hybrid matrix adheres to KENSENCE's consistent pursuit of excellence in brand spirit, with its powerful signal processing functions, stable system operation, solving various details of the problems encountered by users in actual engineering, so that each The unique product features play a role in the user's actual use, not just as a decoration. For example, the backup function of the signal interface of the pro series matrix can ensure that when a certain video signal has a problem, the system automatically recognizes and switches to the backup signal for “0” seconds, ensuring that the conference is not interrupted; the pro system matrix network port board can directly support The network cable POC power supply reduces the number of nodes in the construction site when using the network transmission equipment and solves the problem of excessive power supply equipment. The system is more compact and efficient. The network ports of the pro series can be upgraded directly to support the editing function of the IP protocol. The pro series matrix can be interoperable with other systems, such as monitoring systems, recording systems, video conferencing systems, and the like. In addition, the pro series has been upgraded with a richer interface design, which is compatible with various brands of display or signal source devices on the market, and is able to protect its video processing functions.

The application of S-Mix-Pro in this project, the outstanding performance in video conferencing and monitoring, provided security for the smooth convening of Tianjin National Games. After the operation of the whole system, it was highly recognized and praised by customers. Recognition is our greatest motivation. We will always strive to create more advanced video matrix products for our customers with the aim of innovation and service.