KENSENCE 90 successfully assists Shanghai Global Harbor with HDMI network transmitter and 8 HDMI splitters

2016-07-10 15:49:02 admin 69

Project Introduction

Shanghai Global Port is located at the intersection of the inner ring elevated road of Jinshajiang Road in Putuo District, and there are rail transit lines 3, 4 and 13 to reach this place. It is the largest mall in Asia. With a total area of 480,000 square meters, it has the largest roof garden in Shanghai (30,000 square meters) and the largest number of shopping centers (2,200). As the largest shopping center in the global central city, which integrates the functions of “commercial, tourism and culture” in Shanghai, Shanghai World Port adopts a network platform that constitutes a more complete and better shopping experience consumption chain and business travel. The KENSENCE 90 pair of HDMI network transmitters and eight HDMI splitter products solve the need for long-range pure HD digital data for this project. The network transmitter adopts the international standard HDBaseT uncompressed transmission technology, and the lossless transmission of the picture, the distributor supports 4K high bandwidth resolution, bringing the whole process of high-definition original painting experience for customers!

Project atlas


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