KENSENCE 2017 BeiJing InfoComm Live news

2017-04-12 15:42:27 admin 130

On April 12th, the highly anticipated InfoComm China 2017 exhibition was grandly opened at the Beijing National Convention Center today. The KENSENCE booth was located in the E Exhibition Hall of the National Convention Center. The booth number was EH6-01. The scene was very popular and the audience was full of people. Display products and system solutions are greatly favored by industry integrators, engineers and users!


Part of the exhibit product introduction


> Optical Fiber Distributed Products

It can be established as a conference room cluster, so that each conference room and all audio and video systems can be interconnected to realize the full sharing of multimedia resources.


> Network audio product

The network audio system based on the Dante network protocol can simultaneously transmit digital audio, power supply and control using a single network cable, which is more advanced and convenient than using multiple lines.


>Seamless splicing product(MVP4400)

The MVP4400 is a high-performance 4x4 matrix switcher with seamless switching output and mixed input. It supports 2x2 splicing function and has various control modes. It can be controlled by front panel buttons, IR control, RS232 control, and TCP/IP control.


>Wireless transmission system (U-Click)

U-Click is a wireless desktop presentation system that supports wireless mirror screen, wireless KVM, smart writing and annotation.

Two days after tomorrow (April 13th to April 14th), KENSENCE    will continue to welcome new and old customers and industry experts at the EH6-01 booth of Hall E of the Beijing National Convention Center to showcase the latest conferences and conductors. The central solution, our staff will continue to answer your questions and the information you need to know. More exciting, don't miss it! More exciting content will be presented soon, so stay tuned, thank you!