Southern Telecom Alliance again on the sword, KENSENCE hero! ! !

2016-07-07 15:51:43 admin 68

The 2016 Southern Telecommunications Union Exercise Conference and today (July 7) officially kicked off. Heroes of all walks of life, with their own products, gathered in Zhengzhou Huanghe Guest House (No. 1 Yingbin Road, Zhengzhou City) to exchange experiences. In terms of technology, it can be said that the eight-party Yinghao gathers in Zhengzhou, and the telecommunications alliance comes to the sword. KENSENCE was invited as an industry leader to attend the conference, and new products were also unveiled at this conference!


KENSENCE is customer-oriented and firmly adheres to product stability as its lifeline. Everything starts from the user and solves user problems. We have a skilled R&D team, thoughtful after-sales service, improved service and product quality, and the embodiment of multiplication!


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